Rescue and Relax

Rescue and Relax is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, run solely on donations and by volunteers, that is part cat lounge, part rescue shelter, part resource hub for cat lovers all over the city of Pittsburgh!

We are finally open again!

We’re still settling in but we’re so excited to welcome everyone to our new and improved cat lounge at 106 E. Swissvale Ave! The cats are especially excited to get all the pets.

Stop by the lounge this weekend, Friday-Sunday from 3-8pm and say hello to all our sweet kitties!

Thank you to everyone for your patience and support!

Upcoming Events!

Sign up for one of our upcoming events to have fun and do good. All proceeds from our events go towards the medical care of our neediest rescue cats. 

Cat yoga in Pittsburgh
Cat Yoga
106 E. Swissvale Ave.

Cat Yoga: 4th Wednesday in July

Wanna get your downward dog on with the cats of Rescue and Relax?

Our Adoptable Cats

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We have temporarily paused our intake due to an unprecedented number of kittens, strays, and surrendered pets overwhelming our resources and other rescues in Western PA and across the country.

Please do everything in your power to keep your pet, your family member’s pet, the stray that turned up on your porch, or that unexpected litter of kittens. We can recommend low cost veterinary services in the area, point you towards other resources, and offer advice on how to handle the situation until room becomes available at a rescue.

If you have found a cat experiencing an urgent medical situation, we will try our best to help! If the cat is in crisis, AVETS and PVSEC both accept Humane Surrenders and will do their best to save the cat and place them with a shelter once recovered.