Meet all our adoptable cats!

Please note, we only adopt to families located in Allegheny County. Special exceptions are made for harder-to-adopt cats.

Kitten up for adoption.

Our adoption process is a little different than other rescues...

Filling out an application is not a commitment, it’s the start of a conversation.

Because we are interested in the best lifelong match for our kitties and adopters, we have a multi-step process of meeting our cats, providing vet and personal references, and discussing your preferences for a cat along with our cats’ personalities.

No cats go home with an adopter on their first meeting.

How the Adoption Process Works

At Rescue and Relax, we work to find the best possible fit for our lounge cats, which is why we have such a thorough adoption process.

Fill out an application.

Tell us about your interests and history with pets. We'll get back to you within a few days.

We confirm your info.

We check your ID, housing information, and vet history. At this point, you are conditionally approved.

Meet and greet.

Meet our cats, talk to our staff, and make sure it's a perfect fit for you and your new best friend.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Adopting

That’s ok! We use a¬†general adoption application¬†and will help you find the right match!

Adoption fees help cover the basic veterinary care that your new kitty needs before they go home.

Fees associated with kittens are $150. Fees for adult cats ages 1-9 are $100. Fees for senior cats ages 10+ are $75.

The majority of our cats are rescued from outside and they do not have an identifiable owner. Some are surrendered by their owners, and others we take in from other shelters or rescues that are too full.

All of our cats are spayed or neutered, receive their rabies vaccination, FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia), treated for worms, fleas, and other parasites, and microchipped.

If cats come to us with an illness or injury, we care for them until they are successfully treated, or decide on a long-term care plan so that adopters can continue with appropriate medical treatment. We will show you how to care for any cat who needs long-term treatment for an illness.

We get to know our cats very well while they are in our care. Some of our cats need more attention and active play, while others are more laid back and independent. Some cats enjoy the company of other pets, and some prefer to just be around their human.

While we take an adopter’s preferences for a cat into consideration, we prioritize placing a cat in a home where they will be most successful, given their unique personality.

We use microchips from the Michelson Found Animals Registry, and our adopters can register their pets for free. All of our microchips have our rescue information linked in case their owner can’t be contacted or is not yet registered.

If you adopt from us, your cat’s microchip number should be listed on their veterinary records and on your adoption papers. If you can’t locate your cat’s microship registration number, you can contact us or have your cat scanned for it’s microchip at their regular veterinary clinic.

Our application and matching process is more involved than other rescues, and we’ve found it’s more difficult to arrange meet and greets with families outside the region and to verify records. And if anything should happen that causes an adopter to need our support with their new cat, it’s more difficult for us to coordinate that help for more distant adopters.

We are happy to provide references to other amazing rescues closer to where you live if you’re outside of Allegheny County.