Want to come chill with cats?

You’re in the right place!

Rescue and Relax is an a safe space for cats and everyone who walks through our doors. Our cats live at the lounge 24/7 and we take time to integrate each cat so they all get along! Come meet your new furry family member or just find a buddy to cuddle and play with after a stressful week.

We offer snacks and beverages, as well as cat-themed books and games to make your visit more comfortable.

We operate on a “Pay What You Can” system. We don’t charge fees or sell food and drink, and instead rely on donations to operate!

Public Lounge Hours are Friday through Monday from 3:00 to 8:00 pm.

Just come on in — no need for an appointment!

Check out our events, too!

Rules of the Lounge

Please don't pick up the cats.

Some cats like being picked up, but others do not. You can always pet them, though!

Use the two-door system.

Only one of our two entrance doors can be opened at a time. This is to make sure cats don’t get out. 

Masks are optional

We have masks available for those who prefer to wear them.

Please keep volumes low.

Please don’t run, shout, or chase cats. You don’t want to scare them!

Please don't feed cats outside food.

Ask for some of the treats and we can provide some. Be warned… it often causes a stampede of cats when we break out a treat bag!

Don't wake up sleeping cats.

You wouldn’t want to be woken up when you were sleeping, would you?

Watch out for our upcoming events!

Cat yoga in Pittsburgh
Cat Yoga

Cat Yoga: 2nd Wednesday in June

Wanna get your downward dog on

Cat yoga in Pittsburgh
Cat Yoga

Cat Yoga: 4th Wednesday in June

Wanna get your downward dog on

Want to meet a cat outside of open lounge hours?

We can schedule private meet-and-greets outside of our public hours. Email us at info@rescueandrelax.com to let us know when you’re available and which cat you’d like to come meet. We’ll get back to you soon so we can coordinate a time to visit! Please know that some of our adoptable cats are in foster care rather than at the lounge. We will let you know if the cat you’re interested is in foster care.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Lounge

Most cats are, but some cats are already adopted and just waiting to be taken to their forever home.

No, we have a number of cats who are not yet ready to come to the lounge, or who do better in foster care. We can arrange meetings of cats in foster care on a case-by-case basis.

It varies, but we usually have about 14-18 cats roaming the lounge on any given day.

Of course! We need help in the lounge seven days a week. You can apply to volunteer here.

We could also use some help with social media content, fundraising, and we always, ALWAYS need fosters.

We’re experimenting with this idea and we’d love to talk about the possibilities if you’re interested! Email us at info@rescueandrelax.com to get a conversation about a potential event started.